About Us We are on a mission to solve the home ownership crisis

Slide Homeownership = American Dream Homeownership isn’t a 'right' because it is a responsibility with a lot of risks. However, homeownership should be accessible to all hard working families with a strong integrity.

Slide Renting makes it harder to buy By renting, you are paying your landlord's mortgage! Instead you could pay your own and start building your own wealth.

Slide We hate debt, too. We want to help you achieve homeownership without taking on unnecessary debt. Plus, we also want to help reduce your monthly payments as we know that's important to you.

Meet the Founder

Nik Shah

“I lost $500,000 towards rent payments in New York and San Francisco. I snapped when my landlord was buying a new home while I was paying off her current mortgage!

I started HomeLLC Inc. so we all have a pathway to build wealth instead of enriching our landlords.”

Meet the Team

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Business Operations Team

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We believe that renting is a waste of money. We believe that you deserve a shot at the American dream. We’ve created a new partnership model so you can buy your home. We are an investor, not a lender. Hoom Inc.
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