Benefits “With great power comes great responsiblity”
– Uncle Ben in Spiderman

Start Building Wealth

Paying rent is like flushing your money down a drain. Instead of paying your landlord’s mortgage, start paying off your own!

Reduce Your Risks

You could lose all of your down payment in the next recession. Instead, transfer that risk to us.

Invest Your Savings Elsewhere

Invest your savings in more lucrative investment opportunities.

Buy Your Home Earlier

The longer you wait to buy your home, the more money you lose in rent. Buy your home today with just 5% down.

Save Money When Buying

Don’t lose your dream home when competing with buyers who have all-cash offers. Turbocharge your home buying by having us place an all-cash contract on your behalf.

Avoid Extra Debt

Read the fine print carefully in other low downpayment options. They could burden you in a LOT of debt.

Avoid Paying Us Interest

Our investment is debt-free so you don’t owe us any interest or monthly payments!

Get Constant Support

Get dedicated access to a concierge who’ll guide you on everything related to home buying. 

Get Foreclosure Assistance

Let’s pray you never have to foreclose but in case it does– we might be able to bail you out.

Retain Your Investments

Any appreciation in home value from your addition to square footage will likely belong to you only.

Stay in Control

You own the sole right-of-residence

American Dream!

Stop renting, start owning so you build amazing memories with your friends & family

We believe that renting is a waste of money. We believe that you deserve a shot at the American dream. We’ve created a new partnership model so you can buy your home. We are an investor, not a lender. Hoom Inc.
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