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5 Ways To Deal With Buyer’s Remorse


Buying a home is a huge financial commitment, so it’s only natural to second guess yourself after taking such a big plunge. Here are five ways to cope with buyer’s remorse.

1. Be Sure Before You Buy

The best way to deal with buyer’s remorse is to avoid it in the first place. Do not go into buying your home blindly. Know your budget, know your wants/needs, and make sure you have a great agent who will get you the best of both. Buyer’s remorse is best dealt with preemptively – so first things first: be a wise, intentional homebuyer.

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2. Give Yourself Grace

You’re not the only one who feels this way. It’s human nature to wonder if we made the right decision, and feel a bit tense after major transitions. Even new dog owners suffer from the “puppy blues” – feelings of regret for bringing a new pet into the family once the reality of the work sets in.

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If it’s normal to feel remorse for bringing something that cute into your life, then it’s normal to feel remorse for spending upwards of $100,000 and completely changing everything. Don’t worry. It’s OK to feel this way.

3. Talk to Your Agent

If you have a good agent, they’ll have worked with families before who have felt this very same thing. Let them know your concerns – they’ve probably heard it all before and know just how to help.

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4. If You’re Stressed, Seek Help

You’ve just been through the tumultuous process buying a home, and now you’re learning to settle into your new life. This is stressful for anyone. If you’re feeling anxious and filled with remorse, consider talking to a therapist. Nothing bad can come of it, we promise.

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5. Give It Time

It will take time to get used to your new home. Give yourself six months. If you still regret the decision, then you can consider looking for a home that better suits your needs.

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