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Plan your home repairs like a pro

Plan Your Home Repairs Like a Pro


Here are 6 tips to make your home repairs easy and fun! 

1. Keep a Maintenance Log

Create a spreadsheet to log changes. It will help you get a new contractor quickly up to speed, and you won’t have to jog your memory the next time something goes wrong. 

Whenever something breaks, jot down:

  • How it broke
  • Any repairs you’ve made
  • Any contractors you hired in the process

Also note down all the appliance details (manufacturer, product name/number, serial number, warranty, etc.), paint colors, and names of any specific tools you used. 

2. Talk to Multiple Contractors

Always call 3 contractors for every project. Never get taken advantage of! 

Use these calls to get a feel for each contractor so you can gather perspectives from multiple vantage points. 

3. Minimize Foot Traffic & Let Them Work

House maintenance usually means dangerous tools, loud noises, and lots of moving around. Plan maintenance days when there’s not a lot going on at home – ideally when only 1-2 adults are around. (Don’t invite a contractor into your home without anyone present.) 

If there are kids or pets present, have a plan to keep them well away from the work area. 

If you’ve hired someone to help you fix something in your home, give them space. Professionals work best when they don’t have someone putting their nose in every little thing they do. 

4. Clean the Area & Take Many Photographs

Whether you’re doing the work or you’re hiring someone to do it for you, clean up the area before starting the project. There’s nothing more frustrating for a contractor than needing to clean up your house for you before they can get to work (Spoiler Alert: The time they spend cleaning is billable time). 

Take photographs before and after the job is done so you can log everything.

5. Get a Receipt

Without a receipt, a contractor can claim a lien on your home and make life hell for you. Always get a receipt, even if you pay cash.

6. Check If You Need To Report To The County

Some changes to the home require reporting to the county and securing approval from them. Check this before you start the project, and also once after you finish the project.

 Nobody likes dealing with home maintenance – but with these tips, you’ll be on your way to hassle free home repairs in no time.

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