How Bobby Sharma built one of the Largest Real Estate Investing Groups

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“Lots of consistency, patience, and providing true value to my members. I have been running it for 11 years.”

Well known in the Real Estate Community as a networker, speaker, caring investor, and technologist, Bobby has built one of the most comprehensive software platforms for tracking, training, and transactions for Real Estate investors and professionals. Bobby Sharma brings his deep understanding of real estate investing to provide a next-generation solution for fellow real estate investors ( and He is renowned as a thought leader in the PropTech and Real Estate Space. Bobby is generous with his time and knowledge to help aspiring and experienced investors to succeed and grow.

Q1. What made you interested in investing in the real estate industry at a young age? 

A. It was out of desperation to save money on housing in Southern California. I had a job, but it did not pay great and my housing expenses were too high so I bought a house and I house hacked it.

Q2.  What is house hacking? 

A. Buy (or rent) a house and then rent out each room to cover the mortgage, taxes, etc.

Q3.  What asset classes in real estate are you going to allocate in? And in what asset classes are you planning to decrease your allocation in real estate? 

A. I am mostly a buy-and-hold person. I will now focus on buying high-quality homes/assets that hold value for a long time.

Q4. What mistakes do first time real estate investors usually make? 

A. Not knowing all their numbers. Buying in the wrong neighborhoods. Not screening the tenants. It’s a long list.

Q5. How has the pandemic affected residential mobility and how will it evolve over the next few years? 

A. The change seems to be permanent. Most people are now accustomed to living in remote locations.

Q6. Housing prices are at an all time high. What is your outlook on them in the future?

A. They will continue to move higher in the near term.

Q7. How would you allocate your personal $100 million portfolio?

A. 30% Apartments, 30% Private Money Loans Debt, 30% Home. LLC, 10% Mobile home parks or parking lots.

Q8. What headline will the WSJ write about you/your company in 2025?

A. A good, honest guy who helped many become successful in their real estate investment journey.

Q9. Which investor believed in you before you did in yourself? 

A. A friend that I met at my meetup that worked with me on my first syndication.

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