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Brian DeLucia serves as the Head of Arriavto LLC. Mr. DeLucia has been active in the re-development and vertical development of real estate over the last 15 years. Additionally, he has served as a board member of multiple business and banking concerns in the past 10 years.  His passion has been building businesses and strategic development.  He built his first business at age 21 in the professional sports industry when he launched a startup that became an industry leader within 12 months. Not only did he produce strong revenue through his endeavors, but he also created a lot of leaders who went onto prominent roles in business.

Q.1 Tell us your life story. How did you go from building your writing content for the NFL to leading a family office?

Sports was always a passion of mine growing up as a kid, especially when it came to building teams.  I always found that fascinating about sports.  Over the years into adulthood, I became interested in the real estate and construction activities of my family members and friends.  I gradually began learning the business from the dirt to the roof on the job sites.  Eventually that led to learning the business and economics of the various entities before eventually transitioning into the trust side and some of the board endeavors of our ecosystem.  

Q.2 What have you learned from great athletes and teams?

I have always been inspired by athletes who just grind and get the best out of their abilities.  Just as importantly, I always studied some of the best coaches and their ability to get the most out of their athletes and ultimately pull a team together.  I have always studied how some of the most effective coaches built a sustainable culture that withstands challenging moments throughout the course of a respective season.  

Q.3 How did you settle into and understand the mechanics of the family office ecosystem?

There is no size fits all within the family office community.  As we have transitioned from an embedded structure to a standalone enterprise, I constantly assess the needs of our current generation and the ongoing mission of what we would like to accomplish through our activities.  For us, it has always been to keep a low profile, stay pragmatic within our domain expertise, and prioritize being risk-adjusted.  

Q.4 How has the family office landscape evolved in recent years?

There have always been cliques of UHNW families over the past few generations, but now families are meeting each other on a broader scale.  It has brought a lot of families out of the woodwork over the last several years to exchange information, ideas, and philosophies.  

Q.5 What common mistakes would you recommend to other family offices to avoid?

My pet peeve has been the growing trend of following the herd for the last 4 – 5 years.  There has been a flavor of the year that emerges and diverts the focus of numerous family offices away from their mission and areas of domain expertise.  I see large numbers of families either taking too many risks on speculative ventures or allowing their advisors to give them a false sense of being risk-adjusted.  

Q.6 What do other family offices love about working with Arrivato?

The unique ecosystem of deep domain expertise within specific industries and geographic markets when other families trade intel or seek counsel from us.  This allows us to uncover compelling economic plays that are also well risk-adjusted among deep benches of long-time personal relationships.  This has always been the value of possessing long-time relationships among like-minded folks where trust is present.  

Q.7 Home prices are at an all-time high, what is your outlook on U.S. real estate over the next decade?

There is a meaningful shortage of both, quality and affordable housing within the U.S. that must continue being addressed.  This creates incredible opportunities to capitalize upon.  While there is very little margin of error within existing real estate assets, the rewards of developing brand new communities are compelling when you understand how to control the economics through leveraging domain expertise.  

Q.8 If you had to allocate your personal hypothetical $100 million portfolio, how would you go about it?

For us, it is leveraging two (2) sectors we understand.  We believe in proprietary economic models of developing real estate communities that provide compelling economics within a risk-adjusted framework.  And we are keen to the growing demands of the telecom industry as we continue to uncover compelling economic opportunities that are supported by investment grade contractual revenue streams.  

Q.9 How important is impact investing in real estate?

We view impact more broadly than checking off an ESG box.  At the end of the day, we believe our activities within the market create quality places for folks to live and work – thus improving the quality of life for families across several communities we serve.  As a byproduct of creating a great community, incorporating modern telecom infrastructure and energy efficiencies within communities provide the best blend of improving quality of life and realizing meaningful economics.  

Q.10 How should family offices and asset owners interested in Arrivato reach out to you?

We are always welcoming to folks that fill out our contact form at www.arrivatollc.com or reach out to me via LinkedIn.  

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