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Marcia is a Managing Director, Head of Marketing, and a Registered Representative at ShareNett Securities LLC, a members-only global network of professional investors collaborating on curated, quality investment opportunities. Marcia has spent a large portion of her career working in and for family offices and private dealmakers. She was previously at Alberleen Family Office Solutions, an independent investment advisory firm backed by family offices, and she formerly worked for an ultra-high-net-worth philanthropic family as well as a sports and entertainment family. Over the last 20 years, she has developed a strong network of private families, institutional investors, and advisers who are increasingly seeking access to quality direct deal flow from trusted, experienced partners.

Triple C Advisory is a business life cycle consulting firm Marcia co-founded. Working off three pillars – Customer Acquisition, Consulting, and Capital – the firm works with early-stage companies as an advisor and board member to prepare them to receive institutional-grade investments.

Q.1 Tell us your life story, how did you go from studying English in Utah to building Triple C and ShareNett?

I had a very eclectic career. After college, I moved from Utah to New York with my husband so he could pursue a graduate degree at NYU. I taught high school English for a few years and then lived “The Devil Wears Prada” life – which was totally fun and awesome, and I loved it, but the magazine industry went through a drastic change as it shifted from print publication to online and the magazine I worked for folded. But my combined experience as an educator and an executive assistant was a perfect fit for my next job – working for a billionaire philanthropist who was passionate about education. I learned a lot about family offices. I realized I needed to learn more, and I went back to school for an MBA in finance and tax, and I pivoted my career. I worked for a valuation firm specializing in estate planning for family offices and then did several years in business development for accounting firms. After 2008, my relationships in the FO community started asking for help finding and vetting private deals, which led me to ultimately start my own consulting firm, Triple C Advisory, and a full-time position at ShareNett, which is a boutique investment bank founded by and for family offices.

Q.2 How did your past jobs in accounting, business development, and networking influence your current approach towards working with family offices?

Family offices are considered the holy grail – everyone wants access to them, and they are constantly inundated by people who want to sell them something or want them to support their favorite charity or cause. Having that knowledge and experience both inside a family office and servicing them gives me an advantage and insights into working with them. I always start with thinking about what it looks like from their side of the table. With that mindset, I work to be strategic in what I share with them and what opportunities I share. Families will take my call because I work to add value.

Q.3 Which family office helped you understand this industry back in the day? Which mentor would you like to give a shoutout to? 

I have been lucky to have many mentors along the way. One person I worked for was General Harvey Schiller, a retired Brigadier General from the US Air Force. He went on to have a whole second career in sports, media, and entertainment. I met some amazing people through him, and we are still friends, and I call him occasionally to bounce around some ideas or to ask for advice. 

Q.4 What investment opportunities offered by ShareNett are you excited about? 

ShareNett continues to seek out interesting opportunities for our platform, and we are expanding to include early-stage direct deals and emerging managers to pre-IPO and yield-oriented opportunities. Some recent investments on our platform include innovating technologies in consumer, cybersecurity, and gaming, as well as a real estate fund focusing on medical office space. ShareNett also recently launched our Secondaries trading platform for private transactions, which is really exciting. It gives our clients an opportunity to trade private company shares on our platform. 

Q.5 What unique benefits do family offices get at ShareNett? How should they reach out to you?

ShareNett provides curated access to unique deal flow, educational opportunities to connect and get to know like-minded investors, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our platform creates a seamless investment process and end-to-end service for private transactions, which includes a private client digital locker for seamless portfolio tracking. Our members and clients can leverage the technology to track information for their own investment opportunities, or they can choose to invest in some of our curated investments and liquidity options. For members, they are covered under non-disclosure agreements and accredited investor protocols, which ensures expedited and confidential access to relevant private investment opportunities. People can reach out to me directly for information or send an email to: 

Q.6 What mistakes should family offices avoid in order to preserve long-term wealth? How do you help them with this? 

This question is better suited to a wealth planner that oversees the client’s overall portfolio and looks after the taxes and investment structures. From an illiquid perspective, it is important to partner with a credible institution. The direct investment and private transaction process can still be very opaque, and not many families have the resources to adequately analyze it, so ShareNett partners with RIAs, private bankers, and wealth advisors who come to us for sourcing and due diligence for their clients who are looking for new opportunities.

Q.7 How do you think family offices will evolve in the coming years? 

Family offices are becoming much more professionalized than they were when I first started in the industry. Family offices have been hiring investment bankers and private equity professionals, and that trajectory is going to continue. Some larger family offices are already going head-to-head with private equity firms in competing for family/founder-owned businesses, and I think that is only going to grow. The advantage some founders see is that the family offices tend to hold the companies for longer terms than institutional investors, and that’s often a plus when they consider a sale. 

Q.8 What headline about Triple C would you like to read in WSJ in 2025?

I love helping companies with their strategic plans, and I can’t wait to see an announcement of a successful company that I’m on the board of and take pride in what the company has achieved.

Q.9 What mistakes do managers typically make when raising capital from family offices? 

Some people think of FO as an easy source of capital. That is evolving as FO are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and they are hiring staff who can perform institutional-grade due diligence on investment opportunities. The perception that if a beneficial owner likes you as a person, he/she will give you money is highly exaggerated. Anyone looking to raise capital from family offices should treat them as they would any institutional investor – be prepared with appropriate documents, and don’t “oversell” your track record.

Q.10 If you had to allocate your personal hypothetical $100M portfolio, how would you do it? 

I’m somewhat risk-averse, and I trust the professional money managers to do a better job than I could do on my own. I would let the experts do their jobs and set up a somewhat traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds. That said, I also see the advantage of making direct investments, so I would work with my advisor to create a measured allocation to alternatives that fit my risk profile. 

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