Invest in the fastest
growing cities across US

Build Wealth


Build long-term wealth instead of focusing on short-term income. Invest in appreciating homes in fast-growing cities ranging from San Francisco to Denver to Miami to New York.

Positive Impact (ESG)


Help 1000’s of families buy their home and build wealth along with them, instead of becoming their slum lord.



COVID-19 showed you that the Home is the safest place there is. Homes are now absorbing offices, retail, entertainment, and hospitality.



Investments will be selected after analyzing terabytes of real estate data from the past 50 years, more than what you get from Zillow or RedFin



Your investment will be split across 100’s of homes so you don’t risk it all on a single property. This ETF-like structure will help you sleep well.

Low Risk


Your investment will be protected by the Fed, as homes are a core national asset. Also, real estate recessions are exceedingly rare, we’ve only had 1 major one in 100’s of years.

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    We believe that renting is a waste of money and home ownership is an American dream. We’ve created a new partnership model for home ownership. We are an investor, not a lender. HomeLLC Inc.
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