Overall Process

Step 1

Get Qualified and Pre-Approved

Get Qualified by us
Get Pre-Approved by Lender
  • Get connected to lenders
  • Negotiate terms
  • Get pre-approved

Step 2

Find Your Home

  • Work with a broker
  • Find the dream home
  • Get it approved by us
  • Place an offer!

Step 3

Buy Your Home

Close Your Purchase & Move In!

Anytime In 10 years

Sell the home or Buy us out

A) Sell The home
B) Buy Us Out
  • Buy out our investment and gains if you don't want to sell

We believe that renting is a waste of money. We believe that you deserve a shot at the American dream. We’ve created a new partnership model so you can buy your home. We are an investor, not a lender. Hoom Inc.
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